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FAA Changes Medical Durations

By AOPA ePublishing staff Pilots under age 40 can save a trip to the AME. On July 24, the FAA will extend the duration of third class medicals from 36 calendar months to 60 calendar months (five years) and first class medicals from six calendar months to 12 calendar...

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Be Safe. Be Courteous

Please remember that you must re-fuel aircraft after each and every flight. Whether you just flew for an hour or for .3 of an hour, please refuel the aircraft. It is both unsafe and unfair to provide the next renter with anything less than full tanks. If you fly an...

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My Student Pilot Diary!

Thursday: Take instructor to lunch. Discover I don't know enough to take instructor to lunch. Friday: Fly! Do first stall and second stall during same maneuver. Cover instructor with lunch. Week 2 Monday: Learned not to scrape frost off Plexiglas with ice-scraper....

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Get over $185 of free flight time!

Fly 5 hours in 6042N and receive 1.5 free hours in that aircraft for use after your checkout! Thats right, free flight time just to get checked out in the fleets most capable aircraft. And after your checkout is complete will give you a free 172SP manual! To qualify...

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It’s Flour Time!

Thats right! It is almost time for the annual spot landing and flour dropping contest and bar-b-que. This year it will be held on Saturday, June 7th. The fun starts at 8am and continues until approximately 2pm. The bar-b-que will begin around 11am. Bring the family,...

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I reserved that airplane months ago!

It has happened to all of us. You have had that trip planned for months in 4624D, and now you have been re-booked in 711PG, or even worse, your reservation has been cancelled. We all know that aviation is a wonderful hobby, but it safety is the #1 priority. So when an...

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CAFF Gets a New Look

Cal Aggie Flyers has a great new website. Equipped with more tools for members and a pilot forum! Spend some time checking it out. Items of interest are the members forum, the tools page for all those important aviation links, and the ability to sign on from the home...

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