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Get Started with a Demo Flight!

The Best 1-on-1 Instruction Available

Not sure if you want to learn how to fly, or wish to give a great gift? A demo flight is the way to go. Experience the joy of a 30 minute flight for less money than most other activities. Call the Cal Aggie office for more details.

Private Pilot

Experience the ultimate freedom that comes with a private pilot certificate. Imagine a Saturday afternoon lunch in Monterrey or Lake Tahoe instead of your local faire.

Achieving a Private Pilot Certificate is challenging, fun, exciting and extremely rewarding. At Cal Aggie Flyers you will recieve one on one instruction throughout the entire process. Additionally, we use the most up to date multimedia training program to assure that each lesson is a succesful one.

With 8 aircraft available for private pilot training, Cal Aggie Flyers is a great place to take this first step towards a career in aviation or towards a fulfilling hobby.

Instrument Pilot

Take the next step! An instrument rating makes the private pilot certificate an even more useful tool in the ultimate pursuit of the perfect weekend.

An instrument rating allows a pilot to takeoff in weather conditions and experience the amazing feeling of flying through clouds.

Cal Aggie Flyers has 6 aircraft with the state of the art equipment to assist you with this rating. We also utilize a flight simulator allowing you to hone your skills on the ground to save you money and gain valuable experience that can not be simulated in the air.

Commercial Pilot

Hone your skills or take the next step in becoming a professional pilot! All pilots who wish to pursue aviation as a profession must posess a Commercial pilot certificate. In actuality, most students that complete the Commercial training are solely interested in becoming a better pilot.

At Cal Aggie Flyers you can attain your Commercial rating in either a Single or Multiengine aircraft.


Many say the most fun you can have is flying a twin engine. Enjoy the extra speed, comfort and safety with our Piper Seminole.

With a 2 axis autopilot coupled to an IFR GPS, a heater, and a roomier interior, flying our seminole will fulfill all your multi-engine flying expectations.

Certified Flight Instructor

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is probably the most challenging and rewarding experience for any pilot. The ability to spread your knowledge, excitement and love for aviation with new (and experienced) pilots is extremely rewarding.

Only experienced flight instructors can train a CFI applicant, and Cal Aggie Flyers has the most experienced staff on hand.

Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP certificate allows an individual to be the pilot in command of a commercially operated aircraft. The training involves gaining extensive knowledge of aircraft systems and improving control of the aircraft.

Just as with Commercial training, most pilots attain an ATP certificate to improve their skills.


Cal Aggie Flyers is very fortunate to have the only G-1000 equipped C-172SP in the area. The G-1000 is the ultimate glass cockpit with state of the art capabilities including real time weather, traffic alerts, XM radio, integrated autopilot, and many more features. Flying this aircraft is a dream, and it only takes a simple checkout.

Foreign Pilots

Cal Aggie Flyers has taught numerous foreign applicants to fly and achieve an assortment of ratings. Although this is possible, all foreign applicants must be approved by the TSA prior to joining the club or receiving instruction. Follow this link to get TSA approval.

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