As a freshman at UC Davis, I was first introduced to Cal Aggie flying farmers after riding my bike to University airport.

My experiences with Cal Aggie flying farmers have been wonderful. After three years of flying and terrific friendships I now have my commercial pilots license. 

I highly recommend Cal Aggie flying farmers to anyone who has flying aspirations and wants a fun, safe and encouraging place to learn.

Anna B.

CAFF took me from first take-off through my instrument training.  Thanks for the friendships, confidence, attention to detail and safety that enables my family and me to enjoy more of what California offers.

Paul P.

I started my adventure in flying with Cal Aggie Flyers 13 years ago.  I was immediately impressed with their attention to detail and safety.   The instructors are very thorough and tailored the training process to my style of learning, allowing me to become a proficient pilot in a stress-free environment.  Since that time I have gone on to gain my instrument rating, complex rating, and my twin commercial rating.  All through Cal Aggie flyers.  

I have had the pleasure of meeting many instructors along the way.  It is obvious that the process that prepares the instructors to do their job is consistent, detailed and that they are held to the very highest standard.  I have also been an AME (doing pilot physicals) for over 12 years which has allowed me to meet a lot of pilots who fly a wide variety of planes out of a lot of different airports.  There are many who learned to fly at Cal Aggie Flyers and keep flying out of KEDU because, like me, they feel like they are getting the best quality instruction and assistance along with the highest quality aircraft.  

Several have also gone on to purchase their own aircraft but still stay involved with CAFF because it is such a wonder aviation family.  If you are considering starting your flying adventure or have been flying for a long time you could not do any better than joining the CAFF family.

Kraig K.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Cal Aggie Flyers. Cal Aggies offers an excellent atmosphere with a safety first environment and friendly staff. 

Mark L.

I got my Private, Instrument and Commercial certificates at CAFF while working full time. The training program was flexible enough to fit my schedule while being challenging and thorough. The instructors are knowledgeable, the airplanes are well-maintained, and training is done to a high standard of safety. I was trained to use my skills confidently beyond just passing a check ride. The instructors are great and they love their work, and the learning environment is friendly and thorough. 

Olena S.

Cal Aggie Flyers began as a place for me to learn to fly, but it has become so much more. The quality of people that this organization attracts is second to none. I now own my own airplane, but I will continue to be a part of the Cal Aggie Family.

David K.

With over 38 years as a pilot, In my opinion, Cal Aggies Flying Farmers is the absolute best place for flight training and aircraft rentals. One will not find a friendlier, well managed and affordable flight school anywhere. 

John M.

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