Our Facilities

We're located at the University Airport: KEDU

Where We Call Home…

The University airport is a non-towered airport located just west of the main campus that belongs to the University of California, Davis. For the community, it is a gateway for students, researchers, the agriculture industry, the fish and game department and many other entities that use the airport to access UC Davis and its facilities. For flight students, it is a wonderfully quaint sanctuary where learning to fly is relaxing, breathtaking, and free from congested taxi-ways and frequencies found just miles away.

The KEDU airport community is comprised of Cal Aggie Flyers, Davis Air Repair, and numerous aircraft and owners that call KEDU home. The community at KEDU is close and welcoming. As a result, KEDU and Cal Aggie Flyers has become the chosen airport in the Sacramento region for flight training and aircraft hangaring.

For more information about the KEDU please visit the Friends of the University Airport, a wonderful organization devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the University Airport.

Note: Noise abatement procedures should be adhered to while operating at KEDU.

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