Please remember that you must re-fuel aircraft after each and every flight. Whether you just flew for an hour or for .3 of an hour, please refuel the aircraft. It is both unsafe and unfair to provide the next renter with anything less than full tanks. If you fly an aircraft for currency (3 bounces) and decide not to re-fuel the aircraft, the next renter may have to fuel up on their own before their cross country. That will cost them time, and at least .1 on the hobbs. In this day and age, that’s over $20 in the twin. If the next renter does not fuel up (not noticing the few gallons of fuel missing), they may proceed on a cross country unknowingly without a VFR reserve. Please help us eliminate this problem. If you see anyone flying, and not fueling, let us know by filling out the details on the comment submittal form on the website.