Fly 5 hours in 6042N and receive 1.5 free hours in that aircraft for use after your checkout! Thats right, free flight time just to get checked out in the fleets most capable aircraft. And after your checkout is complete will give you a free 172SP manual! To qualify you must complete a checkout in 6042N no earlier than 5/7/08. A checkout in this aircraft consists of 5 hours dual instruction. Once the checkout is complete, you will receive 1.5 hours of free use in the aircraft (to be used within 30 days). To schedule a checkout, either call the office or book a lesson with Sean O’Leary, Robert Meyer, or Mike Nelson.
Equipped with traffic, weather, terrain, and a fully capable autopilot, this checkout will be the most fun you have had in a while. And what a perfect way to increase the airplanes available to you as summer flying approaches. Offer can end at any time.