It has happened to all of us. You have had that trip planned for months in 4624D, and now you have been re-booked in 711PG, or even worse, your reservation has been cancelled. We all know that aviation is a wonderful hobby, but it safety is the #1 priority. So when an aircraft must go down for maintenance, all reservations that will be affected are either moved to an available 172, or they are cancelled.

To add to the frustration, we never know how long an aircraft will be down for maintenance. We collaborate with the maintenance facility numerous times a day to get the best estimate, but parts being shipped and new discrepancies are always challenging aspects to deal with. On occasion, you may notice that your reservation was switched to another aircraft due to maintenance, but then the aircraft you originally scheduled is available at the time of your flight. This occurs because an aircraft might, on occasion, return from maintenance early and be placed back on the line. If this happens, your original reservation will not be re-scheduled automatically. This would be a logistical nightmare, and is simply not possible.

In conclusion, everyone at Cal Aggie Flyers wants your trip to work out exactly as planned, and we will do everything within reason to assure it does. If a reservation must be re-scheduled or cancelled, please understand…we want you to fly as much as you do! Next time you have a trip scheduled, feel free to call the office a week (no more than that) in advance to get an idea of how much time an aircraft has remaining before mandatory maintenance must be preformed.